Fire’s wake – AI video trailer

“Fire’s wake” is a heart-pounding journey where a volcanologist unravels the mystery of fire entities in Iceland, blending science with ancient mythology against a backdrop of nature’s untamed fury.

Here is how I created this trailer:

I began the process by creating the script and voice-over with the help of ChatGPT-4. To bring my vision to life, I transferred the script to the Katalist platform, which impressively generated a rough storyboard in just two minutes. My choice of Katalist was driven by its ability to maintain character consistency and coherent scene arrangement right from the start.

In Katalist’s editor, I tweaked prompts to produce all the frames, except for those featuring the ending titles and monsters.

For the monster frames, I turned to Automatic 1111, integrating these creations into Katalist to keep all my frames organized in one place.

After refining my storyboard to my satisfaction, I downloaded all the frames and upscaled them using Krea for enhanced quality. The landscape footage was created using Stable Video Diffusion, and the frames with characters and monsters were generated through Runway Gen2.

I added an extra layer of detail to the monster clips with some VFX work in After Effects. The entire project was then brought together in Premiere Pro for editing and color grading. To complete the audiovisual experience, I sourced the score from Pixabay and produced the voice-over using Elevenlabs.

I hope you will enjoy the trailer!

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