“Dnevi slovenskega turizma” visuals

I had the honor of being approached by the Slovenian Tourist Board (STB). They extended a unique opportunity to me, inviting me to use AI technology for creating various visual elements for event Dnevi Slovenskega turizma. This collaboration brought me together with the incredibly talented director, Irena Rugel Krajcer Stage Director. Our joint venture included designing cover photos, and producing several videos. I also created digital avatars for all speakers.

The process was a blend of creativity and technical exploration, deeply involving tools like Stable Diffusion and AnimateDiff. It was a personal journey for me, filled with discovery and skill enhancement. Each experiment not only advanced the project but also enriched my own understanding and appreciation of AI’s artistic capabilities.

Most gratifying, however, was seeing the positive impact of our work. The appreciation and enjoyment expressed by the client and their guests were incredibly affirming. It’s a profound feeling to know that our combined efforts resonated so well with others. I am deeply thankful for this experience and the chance to work with such inspiring and creative minds.

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