Character consistency and image positioning

Character consistency has long been a challenge in the realm of AI visual generative landscapes. Changes in perspective, light, and viewpoint have traditionally led to distortions that detract from the overall realism and immersion of the generated images. However, with the advent of transformative technologies such as the SDXL release and the clever use of prompt stratagems, we have managed to significantly address and mitigate these issues. Beyond just character consistency, we have also pioneered ways to control the positioning of both objects and characters within the image frame. This means we can now place a character or object in a specific location within the scene, giving us unprecedented control over the narrative and composition of the generated image. Take a stroll through our gallery of AI-generated visual landscapes. You’ll see an exemplification of resolved character consistency issues, where figures maintain their proportion and appearance across multiple frames. You’ll also witness strategically placed characters and objects, illustrating our strides in controlling placement within the visual space.
Cover photo for Magazine Trajnost
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